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Learn how to shoot in S&Q Video Mode during Weddings

Updated: Jul 11

On March 18, 2023, a group of passionate videographers and wedding cinematographers gathered at Office 401, 35-C, Lane 13, D.H.A Phase 6 Bukhari Commercial Area in Karachi for an enlightening workshop on "Learn How to Shoot in S&Q Video Mode During Weddings." The workshop, led by the esteemed Kashif Rashid, aimed to demystify one of the most misunderstood settings in Sony cameras: S&Q (Slow and Quick) mode.

Setting the Scene

The venue, nestled in the heart of Karachi's bustling D.H.A Phase 6, provided an intimate and focused environment for the workshop. With a seating capacity of 45, the event was designed to ensure that every participant received personalized attention and hands-on experience.

Meet the Expert: Kashif Rashid

Kashif Rashid, a name synonymous with excellence in wedding cinematography, led the workshop. Known for his innovative techniques and eye for detail, Kashif has a wealth of experience in capturing the magic of weddings. His team, equally skilled and knowledgeable, joined him in sharing their insights and secrets to using S&Q mode effectively.

Workshop Highlights

The workshop commenced at 1:00 PM with an introduction to the concept of S&Q mode. Kashif Rashid explained that S&Q mode allows filmmakers to shoot in either slow motion or quick motion by adjusting the frame rate in-camera. This feature is particularly beneficial in wedding videography, where capturing the nuances and emotions of the moment is paramount.

Understanding S&Q Mode

  1. Why Use S&Q Mode?: Kashif began by addressing the fundamental question – why use S&Q mode? He explained that S&Q mode provides the flexibility to create dramatic slow-motion effects or fast-motion sequences without the need for post-production adjustments. This is especially useful during weddings, where certain moments, like the bride's entrance or the first dance, can be accentuated with slow motion to add emotional depth.

  2. Frame Rates and Bit Rates: The workshop delved into the technical aspects of S&Q mode, focusing on frame rates and bit rates. Kashif and his team demonstrated how different frame rates can impact the final video, with examples of 120fps for smooth slow-motion and 24fps for a cinematic look. They also discussed the importance of selecting the appropriate bit rate to ensure high-quality footage, especially in low light conditions common at wedding venues.

  3. Settings and Practical Tips: Kashif shared the exact settings he and his team use while shooting wedding videos. He emphasized the importance of pre-planning and setting the camera to the desired frame rate and bit rate before the event. Participants learned how to quickly switch between normal and S&Q modes to adapt to changing scenes during a wedding ceremony.

Hands-On Experience

The workshop was highly interactive, with Kashif and his team guiding participants through practical exercises. Attendees had the opportunity to use Sony cameras to shoot in S&Q mode, experimenting with different frame rates and bit rates. The hands-on session was invaluable, allowing participants to see the immediate effects of their settings and make real-time adjustments.

Real-World Applications

To provide context and real-world applications, Kashif shared excerpts from his wedding video portfolio. These examples illustrated how S&Q mode can be used to enhance the storytelling aspect of wedding videos. From capturing the delicate moments of the bride's preparation to the energetic dance floor scenes, S&Q mode proved to be a versatile tool in creating dynamic and emotionally engaging wedding films.

Closing Remarks

The workshop concluded at 3:00 PM, leaving participants equipped with the knowledge and skills to effectively use S&Q mode in their wedding videography projects. Kashif Rashid’s expert guidance, combined with practical exercises and real-world examples, ensured that attendees left with a comprehensive understanding of how to leverage S&Q mode to create captivating wedding videos.

Reflections and Future Events

The "Learn How to Shoot in S&Q Video Mode During Weddings" workshop was a resounding success, bringing together a community of aspiring and professional videographers eager to enhance their craft. As technology continues to evolve, such workshops are essential in keeping up with the latest trends and techniques in videography.

Stay tuned for more exciting events and workshops led by Kashif Rashid and his team. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out, these events offer invaluable opportunities to learn, grow, and connect with like-minded individuals passionate about the art of filmmaking.


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