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How to Shoot in Low Light

Updated: Jul 10

On July 29, 2021, a select group of photography enthusiasts and professionals gathered at Kashif Rashid Photography Studio in Karachi for an illuminating workshop on "How to Shoot in Low Light." With only 15 seats available and registrations open for 30, the workshop promised an intimate and focused learning experience led by the acclaimed photographer Kashif Rashid.

A Perfect Venue for an Enlightening Session

The workshop was held at the state-of-the-art Kashif Rashid Photography Studio, located at 3-C, Zamzama Lane 3, Ph V, DHA, Karachi. The venue provided an ideal setting for a hands-on exploration of low light photography techniques, complete with the latest Sony equipment and a conducive environment for learning and creativity.

Meet the Expert: Kashif Rashid

Kashif Rashid, a renowned name in the world of photography, helmed the workshop. With years of experience and a keen understanding of various photography genres, Kashif’s expertise was invaluable in guiding participants through the complexities of shooting in low light conditions. His engaging teaching style and practical insights ensured that attendees walked away with a wealth of knowledge.

Workshop Highlights

The workshop kicked off at 2:30 PM with Kashif Rashid introducing the core concepts of low light photography. Participants were eager to learn about the best lenses, settings, and techniques to use in near-darkness situations, and Kashif delivered just that.

Understanding the Basics

  1. Camera Settings: Kashif started by explaining the fundamental camera settings crucial for low light photography. He delved into the importance of using a wide aperture to allow maximum light into the lens, suggesting lenses with f/1.4 or f/2.8 apertures for optimal results. He also emphasized the role of ISO in enhancing sensitivity to light, cautioning about the potential for noise at higher ISO levels.

  2. Shutter Speed: Participants learned about the delicate balance between shutter speed and image sharpness. Kashif highlighted the need for slower shutter speeds to capture more light, while also discussing the use of tripods or image stabilization to counteract camera shake.

  3. Lens Selection: A key focus of the workshop was on selecting the right lens for low light scenarios. Kashif recommended prime lenses with large apertures, such as the Sony 50mm f/1.8 and 85mm f/1.4, for their ability to perform exceptionally well in dimly lit environments. He also discussed the versatility of zoom lenses like the Sony 24-70mm f/2.8.

  4. Sony Equipment Advantages: Kashif showcased the advantages of using Sony cameras for low light photography. He highlighted features like the high ISO performance, advanced autofocus systems, and in-body image stabilization of models like the Sony A7III and A7RIV, which make them ideal for shooting in challenging lighting conditions.

Hands-On Experience

After the theoretical session, participants were given the opportunity to put their newly acquired knowledge to the test. The studio was set up with various low light scenarios, including dimly lit indoor settings and outdoor twilight conditions. Participants used Sony cameras and lenses to experiment with different settings and techniques, capturing stunning images even in near darkness.

Interactive Learning

Kashif Rashid’s interactive approach ensured that participants were actively engaged throughout the workshop. He provided real-time feedback, answering questions, and offering tips tailored to individual needs. This hands-on experience was invaluable, as attendees could immediately see the results of their adjustments and learn from their mistakes.

Capturing the Essence of Low Light Photography

Throughout the workshop, Kashif emphasized the importance of creativity and experimentation in low light photography. He encouraged participants to explore different angles, compositions, and lighting effects, pushing the boundaries of their creativity. By the end of the session, attendees had a deeper understanding of how to harness the power of their Sony equipment to capture breathtaking images in low light conditions.

Take Home Memories

Participants were encouraged to bring their own SD cards, allowing them to take home the images they captured during the workshop. This not only provided a sense of accomplishment but also enabled them to continue practicing and refining their skills independently.

Closing Remarks

The workshop concluded at 5:00 PM, leaving participants inspired and equipped with practical skills and knowledge. Kashif Rashid’s expert guidance, combined with the innovative features of Sony cameras and lenses, made for an enriching and memorable learning experience.

Reflections and Future Events

The "How to Shoot in Low Light" workshop was a resounding success, fostering a community of passionate photographers and providing them with the tools to excel in challenging lighting conditions. As technology evolves and photography techniques advance, such workshops play a crucial role in bridging the gap between theory and practice.

Stay tuned for more exciting events and workshops at Kashif Rashid Photography Studio, where passion meets professionalism. Whether you are a seasoned photographer or a beginner, these events offer invaluable opportunities to learn, grow, and connect with like-minded individuals.


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